Local. Sustainable. Recycled. Inspired.

Every Tao Board ​is intricately designed, visually balanced, and solidly made from artfully refined recycled materials.  We re-purpose wood pallets and culled wood, into unique, yet classic, ​stand up paddle boards.  We stay green in the finishing process by utilizing eco-friendly finishes and fiberglass resin.

Why A Wood SUP?

We understand a wood Stand Up Paddle board is a larger investment over a similar sized foam-core board, however it has several winning attributes over its foam-core cousin.  A wood SUP will last years longer and is a work of art that will get you noticed every time you're on the water.  While wood boards will weigh more than foam-core board when maneuvering from the car to the shore, they will track straighter and faster, and will handle rougher water smoother than the lighter weight foam core board.

​Making a SUP Green.

Have a question, idea or design in mind? Share it with us!   ​Contact us today and we'll work with you to help make your dream SUP a reality.  Whether you make it or we create it, a custom wood SUP is closer, greener, and more affordable than you thought.​

'Tao' meaning balance, precision, and elegance.  
We strive to create the classic board with a twist.
Paddle Green.​

The"Green"Stand Up Paddle Board

Tao Woodworking
180 Flynn Avenue Burlington, VT 05401

The Boards:

​Paddle on something unique and special. We use only locally sourced reclaimed or sustainable harvested wood and eco-friendly finishes to create amazing Stand Up Paddle boards. We have two board styles available in three lengths, which can be custom designed with select wood patterns and species. Contact us today to place your order.


​​​Our 12' SUP's are awesome all-around ​boards designed for stand up paddling which ​requires maximum flotation and stability. The​ relaxed rocker at both ends of the board allow for ​catching waves with trim capabilities on the flat ​water. The nose is shaped round and full coming ​down to a full tail which will allow for heavy storage
​for longer paddles. Single fin setup with a brass ​vent plug on the deck. The thickness comes in at ​4 -3/4'' with a width of 30''. Two layers of fiberglass ​protection make this board bomber to whatever happens on the water or land. 

The Build-Your-Own Class:

Are you local? We open our shop to SUP enthusiasts ready for the challenge and fun of making their own personalized wood SUP.

​​​We have dedicated several SUP work decks for individuals willing to work and create their own stand up paddle board. The $1500 basic board tuition fee includes; work space, shop tools, SUP building mentor, and all supplies needed to build and glass a board .

Scheduling is flexible and subject to availability​​

​​We have decks open on a rotating basis, contact us for a start date. Email us for more details. ​​​

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We love all the boards that are made here at Tao Woodworking. Some we REALLY love and every once and a while we REALLY REALLY love a board. This one we REALLY REALLY REALLY love

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The hounds love the scent of fresh boards.For more info on classes visithttp://taowoodworking.com/#SUP #madeinvermont #taowoodworking #supvermont #burlington #chomsky

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